Happy Anniversary!
Season 1
Video Number 16
Episode Number 5
Airing Information
YouTube Premiere August 16, 2013
Written by Ivander Yuanata
Produced by Ivander Yuanata
Program used Lego Digital Designer, Paint (for Title Card), Windows Movie Maker
Created by Ivander Yuanata
Voiced by legonspongebob
Songs Featured
Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod
Unknown SpongeBob Music

Episode Chronology
"The Dark Knight"
"Stupid and Dumb High Pitched Weirdo!"

Happy Anniversary! is a fifth episode of Lego SpongeBob SquarePants the Series


SpongeBob's Mom and Dad Come to Visit Him on Their Anniversary. He was Happy to See Them at 1st But when They Got Him Fired From His Job and Make His Friends Hate Him... Things Start to Get Out of Hand...




Season 1 Episodes
SuperBob and PatBoyThe PictureteriumeSurvival of the Finish Gone Wilder!The Dark KnightHappy Anniversary!Stupid and Dumb High Pitched Weirdo!Night of the Living RonaldHuck-17

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